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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Exciting New Glass Art


I am having lots of fun creating work unlike anything I have done before. With each new piece I find myself including more and more painted and fired pieces. I finished this piece yesterday. I started it in my head a long time ago, and then started the design work on the computer a few weeks ago on a pleasant weekend with girlfriends on the Eastern Shore of MD. Myndi and Sim posed for me on the dock in their pajamas.

This piece is a reminder to dance and frolic and to acknowledge the spirits in every living thing. It is a fantasy. I did a lot of experimenting with leafy patterns and shadows and plants. I really enjoyed putting in the background girls. One figure is a ghost like bride in a sheer dress and one looks like the dancer, Judith Jamison, from the Alvin Ailey Dance Company. I remember photos in Life magazine in the 60's. I threw in a pinch of erotica just for fun. One male figure had a package that I cowardly brushed away. He also is wearing a skirt. I love the lesbian ladies on the right. I actually was inspired by Botticelli's Prima Vera that Sim and I saw one year ago for real in Florence Italy at the Uffizzi. Wow.

Details from Dancing in the Forest:


This piece uses my favorite palette of colors - the jewel tones. (After selling jewelry and consuming it heavily for 3 decades - yes, it was certainly an addiction that I could easily justify - I had to model my wares. I am smitten by gemstones of all kinds.) This piece features the colors of lapis, turquoise, blue topaz, garnet, amethyst, peridot - I love them all! The shapes remind me of planets with a few moons as well. I started going crazy with painting, trying to master shading. The shading gives it a touch of an old world feeling.


Since the Black Forest restaurant closed and they are no longer feeding the ducks, I bought a bag of wild duck food and I pay a visit to the group who live on the creek side of the bridge at least once a week. My husband Bill took a picture of me which is very close to the center picture. My idea for the border was inspired by my favorite illustrator of children's books, Jan Brett. She did "The Mitten", "Trouble with Trolls", and many more. She would do a detailed border that created another story in addition to the main story.


Anyone who is really close to me knows of the extremes in my volatile personality, that most of us reserve only for those who love us unconditionally. I am quick to change my mood to dramatic extremes. But I am quick to apologize. The drop of melted ice shows a reflected face. It is a small and subtle "portrait". I carved away a bit from a piece of flashed glass (hand blown English stuff with just a thin layer of color on clear, long out of production, from my hoarded stash), painted my face upside down, which is the way a drop reflection actually appears, then put a piece of iridescent clear glass behind it to play in the light.

I did a brave thing today and put my 10 latest pieces on a CD and submitted an application for the Monmouth Museum's 6 solo shows - NJ Emerging Artist Series. I am grateful for the encouragement from fellow artists Ericka , Jude and daughter Shasta. Bill helped with the photos. It was a good motivator in making myself do some decent pieces and I really enjoyed the indulgence of ignoring custom work, shop pieces, cooking and cleaning. I did do laundry and feed the cat occasionally.