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Monday, January 26, 2009

Teaching and Learning

I made 2 big decisions this weekend:

1. To teach again

Back in the late 80's I taught stained glass on the 3rd floor of the old mill in Allentown. Now I have made a commitment do develop some classes to teach at Bloomers 'n Things To Do.
Debbie, the owner, is now teaching painted pottery and will be getting instruction in glass very soon - fusing, painting, basics. We are both in the process of learning glass techniques. Debbie is an artist who is self taught much like myself. She bought a florist shop in the 90's and then taught herself floral work. She did impressive painted furniture as well. And now, while continuing the floral business, Debbie is dropping a lot of retail gift selling in exchange for a lively learning center. She is afraid of nothing.

2. To make a body of work to submit for consideration in a juried art show.

I will have to prioritize and be greatly disciplined to make appropriate work for an art show. This is a museum venue opportunity for "Emerging Artists" It will entail making at least one piece per week, in addition to my custom work and consignment work. I will also have to accept that this will be highly competetive, and I will most likely be rejected. But then I will be left with some great pieces to show at any number of galleries. A very big hurdle will be to get the jurors attention in considering glass as an art media - not merely craft. I hope to do this by incorporating a lot of painted details and some fusing as well, and some very artistic narratives. The challenge is my newness to these techniques. It will have to be a quick study. I have already completed a design draft for the first piece.

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