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Friday, May 8, 2009

Stained Glass Classes!!

After years of requests, I have now scheduled Beginning Stained Glass Classes!
I will be using the studio space at Bloomers 'N Things To Do, at 24 S. Main St. in Allentown. Owner, Debbie Personette, has recently created wonderful studio space in half of the lovely old "Messenger Press Building". It is the only commercial building in the business district with a front lawn. Debbie, who can do anything, has recently learned enough to teach painted pottery, mosaics, and glass fusion. It is a walk in type of place or a great place for a party with an activity.
However, my classes will be Wed. evenings, the Late Spring Session starting May 27th, if I can get at least 6 students.
Go to and then click "Classes". Although I did not link it, you could pay by Paypal, or mail a check. You could cut and paste the Registration into e-mail or put it into a Word document and attach it and send to So many options. I'm sorry I'm not "techy" enough to make it more streamlined. I am merely a Glass Artist, so please forgive me.

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