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Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Joys of Teaching

At left is a piece made by my daughter, Shasta Fowler, who is in her last semester at Montclair State University, completing a BFA in Painting. It is a 4" square, fused and painted and fired again. It was a bit of art therapy last weekend. Teaching your own child can be very emotional at times, but actually she needed very little help from me.

Lynne and Barbara

Patrick and Amber

It has been a very long time (1986?) since I taught stained glass classes. Having owned Off the Wall Craft Gallery, with all the fun of bookkeeping, merchandising and other business tasks took a huge amount of time, not to mention parenting and squeezing in time to do my own stained glass work. I forgot how rewarding it is to see others learn and create. Above are pictures from the last class of the recent Beginning Stained Glass series. The next series of 5 classes, Wed. nights, will begin on October 28th. Go to for information and registration forms or when in Allentown stop in at Bloomers 'N Things To Do, 24 S. Main St.

These are a few of the pieces made by my students. Amber's work was exceptionally impressive, having inherited a large collection of glass from her father and having grown up with glass crafting around her. "I think I have it in my blood", she said. I think she does. Patrick is quite comfortable with very tiny pieces, accurately fitted. Barbara did some really good lead work. Lynne's work is now blossoming. John came from New Gretna to take the class, and did a lovely traditional style panel.

At left is a very small panel with incredible detail by Patrick Merritt. This piece would challenge an experienced glass artist.

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